Hiring a remote worker has never been more challenging. While Remote work options has increased productivity and safe environment for workers and companies, it also increased potential cross engagement of workers with multiple companies at the same time. It is believed that globally more than 4 million workers have been working for multiple employers.

BonaHire mission is to identify and report a potential event of multiple/cross employment/job/assignment/work.

While not all workers have to be suspected, it is important to have an ability to verify allpossible events multiple employment.

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How BonaHire works

BonaHire is a employer eco-system which empowers the organizations or the companies to escape the risk of fraud.

Any Employer can register their firm in BonaHire Eco-system through their Documents.

Step By Step Process for BonaHire registration.

  • Sign up
  • Enter the Organization Details
  • Upload the Required documents.


There are many early bird features that bonaHire offers you.

6 Months Free Subscription

Multiple Admin, Manager, HR Levels

24/7 Support

Its Easy to find whether your employee is working with another organization.

How BonaHire eco system works

As Much as the Employees/Worker are the biggest asset to any organization, some can pose the potential risk to your business, Hence you need to identify the right & safe talents before on boarding them.

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  2. you Can Create Admin

  3. Manage your Dashboard

  4. Human Resource

  5. Manage Profiles

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